Club Vision and Mission


To build and develop the sport of baseball within our community, and become one of the top baseball clubs within WA.


To promote a positive and competitive baseball experience to players of all skills and experience, enabling them to reach their fullest potential both on and off the baseball field.  


We treat all players, coaches, officials and volunteers with fairness and respect, and value their contribution
We strive to provide a competitive, fun and safe environment for baseball
We respect and comply with the rules and laws of the game of baseball
We meet the highest ethical standards and transparency


Registrations are open online from early August each year, closing in late September.
Please ensure that you register early to secure a place in our teams.
Teams are limited to 12 players each, and those late to register may not secure a team place.
If you miss out on a place, we will put you on our team list in case a spot later becomes available.


The club holds an Introduction to Baseball session in August/September each year for those players who are:
• New to baseball
• From Teeball
• or want to try before you buy
Dates for these sessions will be available closer to the time. Check back on this website, Facebook or register your interest through our team app.


The 2016-17 season, Little league age chart age limitations are located here
Division Age
Little League Major & Club Championship 9 to 12 years old inclusive
Little League Minor – player pitch (PP) 8 to 11 years old inclusive
Little League Minor – machine pitch (MP) 7 to 10 years old inclusive
Intermediate League 11 to 13 years old inclusive
Junior League 12 to 14 years old inclusive
Senior League 13 to 16 years old inclusive
Big League 15 to 18 years old inclusive

Player Uniforms & Equipment

Each player/parent is responsible for the Club issued jersey and must be returned to the club at the end of the season, please take care of your jersey!

Even though there is a lot of accessories to the baseball uniform, the only mandatory parts are the following:

1. A Wembley Baseball Cap ~$35 (These are imported from the U.S and are high quality, and can last 3 to 5 years.
2. Pants and Belt(~$49-$89) and can be purchased from or
3. A glove. Gloves can be reasonable or very expensive. It is suggested to visit or and try out a glove.
3. A black training shirt or a Wembley Training Shirt (~$25). The Wembley training shirt can be purchased from the club. Email
Wembley Baseball Cap Can be purchased from the club
Wembley Baseball shirt (Supplied by the club at shirt presentations)
Wembley Baseball training shirt Can be purchased form the club (optional)
The following can be sourced from retailers
Black Belt
Box (Cup) Mandatory for boys
Baseball pants White for games
Cleats Rubber molded - LL / Rubber or Metal - JL (For young and new players normal trainers will suffice)
Glove Mandatory
Bat Optional
Catching Gear Optional
Batting Gloves Optional
EvoShield Optional
Team Jerseys Machine wash, LINE DRY!!!
White Pants If pants are really stained, soak in Napisan overnight then into a hot wash the next day.
Suggestion Use grey pants for training

Team Training

Team training is normally twice a week and normally expected to start from the 1st week in September. Players are expected towear full training uniform, including long pants. On hot days it is up to the team coach to determine if shorts can be worn.
Day Team Location Time
Monday BL, JL, IL & MP teams Wembley Sports Park 5-7.00pm
Wednesday LL, SL teams & (MP game) Wembley Sports Park 5-7.00pm

Junior Development Sessions

Our Junior Development Coach holds training sessions on the alternative training days throughout the season. These practical sessions focus on specific skills for players including Pitching, Catching and Hitting.
The sessions are free, and are optional, but are highly encouraged.
If you have a skill you need to work on, these are the sessions to attend.
In addition to the Junior Development Sessions, the club also focuses on providing short theory sessions prior to training from 4.30pm to 5pm. Depending on numbers, these sessions focus on specific skills, player positions, and game strategy using a threory based approach. Where possible videos are shown to players to demonstrate what is being learned.
Players must RSVP through our TeamApp to attend these sessions, please visit TeamApp and select Junior Development Sessions or Junior Development Theory Sessions to attend

Game days

All Little League, Junior League, Senior League and Big League games will be played on Saturdays.
Proposed game times are:
Little League games at 10am
Senior League Games at 12.30pm
Intermediate Games at 12.30pm
Junior League Games at 3.30pm
Big League Games at 3.30pm
Little League Machine Pitch games are played on Wednesday at 5pm.

Volunteering at the club

We always need volunteers at the club. You don't need to be a committee member to be a volunteer, we have lots of jobs to suit.
If you are interested in managing or coaching a team, scoring or anything else, please let us know:

Our Coaches

The Club opens nominations for coaching positions in July. All coaches will have appropriate accreditation (or working towards) from Baseball WA (which requires completion of theory and practical assessments) and have completed appropriate probity around working with children.
All coaches are to abide by the Coaches code of conduct located here. If you would like to investigate coaching a team please contact

Team Selections

The club streamlines and provides a transparent team selection process.
Unfortunately, the club must submit team submissions to Baseball WA by the 31 August each year. This limits the time we require to evaluate players and place them in appropriate teams, and so the player evaluation period is normally conducted in early August/September.
Player selection will be tasked to a coaching committee, made up of the intended coaches for the season. This gives each coach input into where juniors are placed.
Players will be placed in teams after consideration of the following:
• Ability
• Experience
• Past performances
• Positions played
• Team dynamics
• Behavioural issues
• Reliability
• Individual player requests
We will continue to attempt to adhere to player preferences when placing kids, as described in the team selection policy, which can be found here

Club Ball

Club Ball is our social and casual level of baseball for our junior players and is played on a Saturday. The focus for club ball is on development and participation. Players are encouraged to play competitively; however the focus is not on winning but rather on skills development, fitness, inclusion and team spirit.

Club Championships

Club Championships is a series of games between clubs, where players are exposed to a higher level of competition, usually a round of 5 games, with finals played in the new year. In comparison to club ball, where development and participation are the main focus, the Club Championships is more focused on competition and attempting to reach the finals. This competition is run on Sunday mornings.

Charter Teams

All players are also encouraged to play at a state and national level within the Eastern Phantoms Charter. The Eastern Phantoms Charter is the amalgamation of Wembley, Perth and Morley Baseball Clubs and is represented by the team name, Eastern Phantoms.
The Eastern Phantoms is a team selected from eligible players from each club. Players are required to attend tryouts and the best from each club are chosen to represent the Eastern Phantoms team at the state championships, and if successful there at the national championships. Tryouts are required to become a team member of the Eastern Phantoms. Team selections for LL, JL and SL start in early November.
Please see the team selection policy for more information on the selection process here