Registrations for the 2017/2018 season are now closed.

Junior Registrar questions can be directed to

Senior Registrar questions can be directed to

Division Age Register by 31st August Normal Cost
Little League Major 9 to 12 years old inclusive $250 $290
Little League Minor – player pitch (PP) 8 to 11 years old inclusive $250 $290
Little League Minor – machine pitch (MP) 7 to 10 years old inclusive $100 $120
Intermediate League 11 to 13 years old inclusive $275 $320
Junior League 12 to 14 years old inclusive $275 $320
Senior League 13 to 16 years old inclusive $300 $365
Big League 15 to 18 years old inclusive $300 $365
State League/AAA Reserves $425 $465
All other Senior Grades $350 $390
Even though there is a lot of accessories to the baseball uniform, the only mandatory parts are the following:
1. A Wembley Baseball Cap ~$35 (These are imported from the U.S and are high quality, and can last 3 to 5 years). Email
2. Pants and Belt(~$49-$89) and can be purchased from or
3. A glove. Gloves can be reasonable or very expensive. It is suggested to visit or and try out a glove.
3. A black training shirt or a Wembley Training Shirt (~$25). The Wembley training shirt can be purchased from the club. Email


New to baseball or want to have a try with no obligation?

Come join us for a Have a Go Baseball Session in August 2018.
This is a chance to learn the game, consider if it is for you and enjoy a casual training session.