Player Uniforms & Equipment

Each player/parent is responsible for the Club issued jersey and must be returned to the club at the end of the season, please take care of your jersey!

Even though there is a lot of accessories to the baseball uniform, the only mandatory parts are the following:

1. A Wembley Baseball Cap ~$35 (These are imported from the U.S and are high quality, and can last 3 to 5 years.
2. Pants and Belt(~$49-$89) and can be purchased from or
3. A glove. Gloves can be reasonable or very expensive. It is suggested to visit or and try out a glove.
3. A black training shirt or a Wembley Training Shirt (~$25). The Wembley training shirt can be purchased from the club. Email
Wembley Baseball Cap Can be purchased from the club
Wembley Baseball shirt (Supplied by the club at shirt presentations)
Wembley Baseball training shirt Can be purchased form the club (optional)
The following can be sourced from retailers
Black Belt
Box (Cup) Mandatory for boys
Baseball pants White for games
Cleats Rubber molded - LL / Rubber or Metal - JL (For young and new players normal trainers will suffice)
Glove Mandatory
Bat Optional
Catching Gear Optional
Batting Gloves Optional
EvoShield Optional
Team Jerseys Machine wash, LINE DRY!!!
White Pants If pants are really stained, soak in Napisan overnight then into a hot wash the next day.
Suggestion Use grey pants for training