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Little League

Jacob's Eastern Phantom's Journey

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What was your reaction to making the Eastern Phantoms team and why?

I was surprised that I was selected,  there were so many good players with amazing talent, I think I was just lucky to get chosen. 

What did you learn from playing with the Eastern Phantoms?

I learned so many skills that I had not even every heard or known of.   It humbled me to see that the talent that I was playing with.  

It taught me there’s more to baseball then meets the eye.  In my short time with the Phantoms my baseball knowledge level has improved to a point I never thought it would be.     

"Everybody played their hearts out".

What was the best part of playing with the Eastern Phantoms?

The best part about playing with the eastern Phantoms was that everybody played their hearts out for the team.   There wasn’t one person not giving 100% all the time.  Being in a position where everyone was working to the same goal.  It was a huge honor playing with a team willing to put their body on the line for the end goal of getting to the national tournament.  

What was it like playing baseball at a higher level?

The game is a lot harder.  The pitches go from 40 to 45 mph in club to 50 to 60 mph in Charter.  The margin for error is smaller and the expectation is higher.   The pitches move a lot more.  The other team has more power.   The whole team is pretty much aces.

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