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Little League

How ready is ready?

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One of the most important baseball tips for young infielders and outfielders to learn is to be ready on every play. 
A good tip for coaches is to let players know to "expect the baseball".
There are a number of techniques for the ready position. 
1. Moves baseball ready position
Players drop their glove almost to the ground as the pitcher delivers the pitch. 
This method requires no foot movement and serves to get the glove out front and down as their weight and head move forward. This approach is a good start for young ballplayers who coaches cannot expect to do a walk in or hop step.
The drawback to this way is evident with no foot movement, and the low glove may inhibit a quick crossover step.

"Whichever way you decide to teach your young players to "be ready" for the baseball, be consistent and repetitive".

2. The Walk In
The walk in has players take a two-step walk towards the plate with the goal of having their opposite glove side foot landing as the ball gets into the hitting zone. With the walk in, players bend the knees and go into a stance similar to a wrestling position with arms balanced, out front and in line with their knees. 
This action is a fine way to prepare but requires timing so that the feet do not get set too early or too late.
3. The Short Hop
The short two-foot hop is another good preparation technique. As the ball is on the way to the batter, players take a two-footed jump up and slightly forward. This method works well as it gets players moving and almost guarantees they will be in an ideal athletic position upon landing.
Whichever way you decide to teach your young players to be ready, be consistent and repetitive.  

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