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# Date Email Name Phone Message Actioned
37 17th September 2018 Nicholas DiBenedetto 2147483647 Nick DiBenedetto - Orioles/Released - SS/Utility My name is Nick DiBenedetto, I was released by the Schaumburg Boomers in the Frontier League earlier this summer. I graduated from Trinity College (CT) in the Spring of 2017, and played with the Baltimore Orioles for a year before being released at the end of Spring Training in 2018. I am looking to continue my pro-career, and show what I can do both at the plate and in the field. It would be an honor to play for the Wembley Baseball Club and experience a season in Australia. I have pro experience playing everywhere on the infield and outfield. I’m coming off a very solid spring training with the Orioles (Mainly High-A), hitting .353 with an OBP of .522 and .647 SLG% over our 3 weeks of games. here is a link to my account: Thank you for your time and consideration, Nick DiBenedetto (617) 710-6901 For further Orioles professional assessment please reach out to Jeremy Kapstein, Consultant, Baseball Operations, Baltimore Orioles (774) 991-3350 email:
36 12th September 2018 Jacob Corley 422237310 Hi I am interested in playing baseball with your club and am wondering if I have missed out on registering for this season? I turned 14 in June this year and have not played baseball before in a club so I am also wondering if you have a team that will be suitable to my skill level? My parents would like to know a little bit more about where games are played and what the expectations for assisting would be as they have commitments with my younger siblings to fit in as well. The number provided is my stepmother, Tessa Corley's number or you can contact me via this email address. I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Jacob Corley
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34 29th August 2018 Angelica Pelliccia 437046492 Hi there, my son Tomas tried one of your sessions and loved it! He is very keen on playing baseball but he is only 6, I was wondering if you are opening a tee ball team this year because I think will be better for him. Otherwise I might have to enrol him at city beach but I don’t like the structure they have. Thanks in advance.
33 26th August 2018 zoe kamide 401276967 hello there, i've enrolled my son Eusebio in baseball. but i think we may have a problem with training. i'm not sure which level he's in so don't know when his training will be. he has a commitment on monday nights until 6.30pm so in the event his training night is a monday too - well its going to be a problem. Can someone please get back to me and let me know? thanks so much
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31 24th June 2018 Nathan Hill 424026088 Hi, I am interested in playing baseball again. I have played a bit in the past. I am in my mid 40s. Do you have teams for this range? I live in west Leederville. Thanks
1 7th June 2018 Damian Doyle 405376529 Hello Team I see that there is a new website - looks good. Can you tell me where the link to the photo gallery is as I wanted to track down some photos for someone. thanks Damian